Siena’s Birthday Countdown | Sisters

Birthday Week is here! 5 days to go!

Isla was almost 3 years old when Siena was born and 11 months after Siena was diagnosed with PWS, we found out I was pregnant again. This is hard and feels awful to say, but I cried. I couldn’t imagine adding another baby to our family, as I was already feeling so overwhelmed.

When Lucca was born in October 2012, it couldn’t have been more therapeutic and beautifully timed. No, we had not planned this, but what a brilliantly perfect example of God’s plan… to be given what you need when you don’t even know you need it.

Isla & Lucca are so extremely loving to Siena. They have been included in our annual trips to see Dr. Miller in Florida, listen intently to everything she has to say, and take part in asking and answering questions. They have been to specialist after specialist appointments from neurology to orthopedic, cardiology to GI, these girls know them all. They take great pride in holding Siena’s hand during her growth hormone injections and have even learned how to do the shot themselves (on the days Siena says they can, of course), something even their Papa Greg hasn’t learned to do! (sorry to throw you under the bus Dad) They are always looking out for Siena’s well-being and just last night as we were going to bed Lucca said to me, “Mom, I don’t think Siena is drinking enough water and I have an idea to help her”… BE STILL MY HEART

Now this is not to say there is not complete chaos in our house at any given moment, which I am sure is safe to say every household experiences from time to time….. Frustration does set in some days, especially when Siena gets “stuck” as we call it or perseverates, which is when she gets fixated on one thing and asks the same thing, says the same thing or does the same thing, over and over for an extended period of time. It is especially difficult when this happens at times when we need to be somewhere, and Isla & Lucca have had to be late for swim lessons, dance class or field hockey on numerous occasions. However, there are often times that Isla or Lucca are able to talk to Siena and able to get her “unstuck” in ways that Andy & I cannot and their patience and love astounds us.

Just as we all have our balancing act in life, ours includes making sure we all understand the dangers and beauties of PWS, without letting them control our lives, while making sure EACH of us feels special and loved.

These sisters share qualities with each other that has built incredible character, whether it be courage, strength, patience, or even stubbornness…. they each offer something that makes them all shine. The relationships these THREE sisters have is nothing short of pure magic. And I thank my lucky stars every day that the Universe continues to give me exactly what I need. xo

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