Siena’s Birthday Countdown | Daddy’s Girls

I don’t know that it was Andy’s dream to have 3 daughters, but I can tell you for a fact he was meant to be a “girl dad”…. you didn’t hear it here, but he might even be better at brushing their hair than me … shhhhh …

All joking aside, he really is an amazing father and I can’t imagine a better partner to be beside as we weather the storms. He is there to calm us when we feel overwhelmed and build our strength when we feel like giving up.

Being a parent is hard work. That is the truth. And having a child with any health or behavioral issue does not make the journey any easier. It is a roller coaster, for sure. I think for us, what has helped on even the hardest days is knowing that it is OK to not always see eye to eye, to be real with our emotions, and let each other be vulnerable because a good cry can, indeed, water the seeds to tenacity.

We have had to learn to master a whole new skill set that neither of us could have imagined, but we do it together and where one of us falters the other fine-tunes, where one of us shines the other finds something else they can perfect. We are far from a well-oiled machine, but more like the little caboose that knew it could.

While his work schedule hasn’t always allowed him to spend the family time he values so much, one good thing that came from the pandemic is that he has been able to change all that and we are LOVING having our guy around on the weekends! And as for that “girl dad”… I will let these videos and photos speak for themselves. xo


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