Random Acts of Kindness….

Earlier this week I received a phone call from a woman I have never met before, who says she went to school with my husband, Andrew Schoenberger. … She tells me how every year she and her friends get together and with their children find someone in the community that could use their help, and that this year they would like that someone to be our little Siena. To say that I was a bit choked up would be an understatement. She wanted our permission to move forward with this and, I of course gave it to her while fighting back the tears. To Gwen Geesey and her amazing crew we thank you – you have no idea how your kindness has uplifted our hearts! There are just simply no words to describe the feeling when you receive a phone call such as this…. xoxo1620516_10152348156922019_2471317158002225947_n


2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness….

  1. Shows there are still a lot of very good people out there who are willing to help their fellow human beings and ask nothing in return. I will certainly stop in and thank them next Thursday or Friday.

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