Siena the Brave

When we arrived at DuPont today everyone remembered Siena from last week… Or it may have been that they remembered Walter (her muppet) 😉 The lady at the front desk said, “oh, I remember you!”

My mom’s cousin,Carol, works here and came up to visit while in the waiting room, which really made us feel more at home. So thank you Carol!

Siena the Brave was at it again today. Most kids get a juice or nasal spray that kind of mellows them out so they don’t freak out when they leave mom and dad…they didn’t give this to her because she is on seizure medication. Siena was just like later guys;) I got this! Didn’t cry when she left with the doctors, she and Walter just went on their merry way. All of the doctors came to talk to us before they took her back and really helped to make us feel more at ease. The anesthesiologist spent time explaining how she would manage Siena’s case and it was wonderful to know she had experience with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

It was a little over an hour until surgery was over and we were able to see her again. Dr Barth said there was not a significant amount of adenoid tissue, the tonsils were a decent size and there was thick fluid that he drained from her ears. She developed a rash which they expect was from the morphine and complained about her belly hurting. They gave her some Toridol (pain medication) and she rested and woke up feeling much better.

She has eaten some slushy, soup, jello and applesauce and been drinking well for us. She isn’t talking a whole lot but so far she has said “hey” when Andy teased that Walter was going to eat her slushy and said that she wanted “another one” about her stickers. 😉

She is sleeping peacefully with the help of the pain medication and I am very thankful that we are spending the night. We will see the doctor in the morning and he will let us know when she can go home. Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers, they have worked their magic for our SiSi.

Here are a few pictures from the afternoon before surgery…






1 thought on “Siena the Brave

  1. Ah Jamie you were supposed to get some rest last night, what in the world were you doing up a 1:30 AM? Siena is a blessing and she has a strong will and she is so pretty at the same time. Can’t wait to hug her!

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