>Back to the Grind

>Sorry for the gap in posts!  We had a much needed break since the sleep study that Siena had on April 6th.  Florida was wonderful for our mind and spirit – feeling a bit rejuvenated, so hopefully we can maintain the energy!!

We received the Sleep Study results this evening and it appears that Siena has severe sleep apnea.  Most likely it is obstructive sleep apnea, which is caused by enlarged adenoids or tonsils.  The ENT has already told us about her enlarged adenoids, so she will most likely need them removed ASAP.  Dr. Nino, who read the results of her Sleep Study wants to see her, which Telford- Wren says is kind of rare (of course!)… We will see what they say in Pittsburgh (we go on Friday) about surgery and if there are recommendations, if they don’t have a specific place, we will most likely go back to the ENT at Dupont for the surgery.

Well, it was a nice little break with no “new” news… oh well, C’est la vie.  


2 thoughts on “>Back to the Grind

  1. >I would look for a second opinion. Seeing she had her arms taped to her side, her head wrapped in bandages and wires attached and sleeping in a very unfamiliar place very uncomfortably I can understand her not sleeping well. Just my opinion.

  2. >I just joined the blogging world, so I am seeing if this comment makes it out into the world!I have looked around the blog and think this a great idea Jamie and Andrew!I have learned a lot in reading everything! Can't wait to hear about your visit to Pittsburgh.

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