PWS Awareness 2014: Day 23 Part 1 {scoliosis}


PWS Awareness 2014: Day 23 {scoliosis}

Scoliosis is very common in individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome. We feel very blessed that Siena’s curve is only about 11 degrees.  We know many other children with more severe curves that require casting and braces.  Once a year Siena is evaluated by Dr. Van Bosse, a  wonderful Orthopedic Surgeon at Shriner’s Hospital in Philadelphia, who specializes in treating patients with PWS.

An active lifestyle is highly encouraged, especially exercise that strengthens the core.  Siena (and her sister, Isla!) enjoys Therapeutic Riding with the wonderful Joan Light and Alicia Wike and their crew!!  They even brought their horse and ponies and raised money for Siena at her Walk in October 2013! Swimming has also been a huge help and something she LOVES!  This past winter Siena began Yoga for Kids with Pat Steely.  What a great experience this was for her and we are so happy to have connected with such a fabulous woman!  Pat donated her time and money for a fundraiser for Siena’s HUGS Foundation this past April that was coordinated by Siena’s former teacher Nicole Funk and held at the Elizabethtown Hildebrandt Learning Center’s Spring Carnival!  We can’t wait for all of our girls to learn the benefits of yoga and hope our journey with Pat will continue!

To learn more about PWS and scoliosis please follow this link… article by Dr. Van Bosse with contributions by Dr. Miller!

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