Siena’s Birthday Countdown | Family + Friends

The support of Family and Friends has, without a doubt, been the root of our triumphs since Siena’s Prader-Willi diagnosis.

Whether you have accompanied me to a doctor’s visit, attended one of Siena’s Walks, donated to a fundraiser, taught your children the beauty of inclusion, or offered words of encouragement…. from the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU xo

With the help from friends and family, two things we started right away were the Siena’s HUGS Foundation and Siena’s PWS Walks. HUGS is a non-profit with the purpose to find and create activities for those with special needs to participate and feel welcome. We have had a few art nights and fundraisers and we hope to start more activities in the near future. If you know anyone or have ideas of how to get involved, please let us know! For more info:

For 5 years we held Siena’s PWS Walks. It was always the most indescribable feeling to watch as people arrived in those early morning hours to support our girl. We had the best volunteers and raffle donations, and just thinking about those years brings tears of gratitude. 2015 was our last walk and we thought about doing another one last year, but, of course, life had other plans for us all. Stay tuned, maybe we will dust off our walking shoes someday soon… as I am sure for anyone who has attended, you are missing those yummy home-cooked breakfasts from Papa Bob and Andy’s comedy act/commentary during the raffles.

In all sincerity, thank you to everyone who has followed along, offered a helping hand or a big ole hug over the past 11 years. We love you xo


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