World Rare Disease Day 2017

16711979_10154591715589051_7500975312260275522_nToday is World Rare Disease Day. This day has come to mean a lot to our family since Siena was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome, but this year it hits even closer to home. In January Siena spent a week at Nemours Children’s Hospital after they discovered an abdominal abscess causing a life threatening infection. Twice she had been sent home from a local hospital with the diagnosis of constipation, and I cannot even stomach to think about what could have been, were it not for our gut instincts, knowledge of PWS and guidance from Siena’s PWS specialist/endocrinologist. We still do not know what caused the abscess, and are left with more questions and more of the unknown.

This entire experience has truly opened my eyes to the importance of advocating for our Rare Disease community. So today I ask you to wear your favorite pair of jeans in support of RARE DISEASE DAY and our girl Siena and if you tell just one person about the meaning of this day, you never know what impact that could have on the future of Rare Disease. #WRDD2017


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