a happy heart.

In a day of reading post after post filled with anger and dread, I would like to distract your attention with a story about acceptance and kindness….

As I watch my girls at gymnastics every Wednesday evening, I see Isla perfecting her handstands, Lucca practicing her cartwheels and Siena working her hardest to keep up with the other kiddos in her class… I will often notice some of them becoming frustrated with her speed and they will sometimes skip ahead of her so they don’t have to wait – Siena does not mind and I do not blame the kids at all, but it does at times leave me with a heavy heart….

BUT TONIGHT….TONIGHT WAS SO DIFFERENT. I found Siena on the bars and noticed a girl in her group talking to her and trying to help her swing to kick the block like they were supposed to at that station. The girl then moves to the next bar and tells Siena to come along, she proceeds to drag a heavy mat over for Siena to stand on so she could reach the bar. My eyes were glued, my arms had goose bumps….no heavy heart here tonight folks… instead it is exploding with JOY, HOPE & OPTIMISM. I wanted to jump over the balcony and hug that little girl! However, I did contain myself and instead thanked her after class and told her father how she had warmed my heart…. I do hope this has warmed your heart as well.



1 thought on “a happy heart.

  1. How wonderful for Siena and that little girl! She has found a friend!!!


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