Siena is doing really well! We had no bleeding and she ate and drank well so we had no real bumps in the road. We found that we really had to stay on top of the ibuprofen, even through the night, but as long as we did she didn’t complain much about anything. The extra thick saliva is driving her a little crazy, and she has been extra sleepy but had a relaxing week and just took it easy.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers through her surgery. We definitely felt your love and it helped carry is through these stressful days.

I also want to give huge shout outs to the amazing crew we had at DuPont and Dr. Miller for staying in contact with them while we were there! The pediatrician that was watching over Siena’s care while we were there called us after we left to check up on Siena! And then they called once more- I was delightfully surprised!

While at DuPont, we shared a room with a little girl battling cancer… She must have been 2 or 3 years old. Her family just was given a car by the B+ Foundation, because they had not had one prior to this which made it hard to get her to her treatments. This really made us put life into perspective and while we do have daily struggles of our own, the blessings we have certainly out measure and out shine them all.
Much love to you all … Count your blessings…. And then give them a big hug. Xo


2 thoughts on “Recovery

    • Thank you Rebecca !! I am so happy to have found each other! I will definitely follow your blog and etsy store! Happy Holidays!

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