Surgery Update

After Siena’s appointment with Dr. Miller we decided it would be best to move up her follow up with ENT (Dr Barth- nemours ). We are glad we made that decision! Siena still has fluid behind both ears and her breathing in his words “sounds like darth vader”…. He recommended removing tonsils, adenoids (again) and putting tubes in her ears. Coincidentally, on the way home from the appointment Hershey called with sleep study results. Siena had 54 respiratory events during her study and has “significant” apnea. Not quite as bad as when she was one year old, but enough for a call to action. It made the decision to move forward with surgery ASAP all the easier. Her Pre-op is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5 and if all goes according to plan (no illnesses, etc) surgery will be on the 13th and Nemours. We do not know how long they will keep her in the hospital but will most likely be 2 days. Thoughts and prayers are very appreciated, as surgery (anesthesia) can be scary for any kiddo and even more so for our PWS kids) xoxo


4 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. Good luck! Both of my boys have had surgeries (Dash has had multiple) at DuPont. Fabulous place. Dr Barth put in tubes for one of them. Siena will be in excellent hands.

    • Thank you Cindy!! He took her adenoids the first time so it was a no brainer as to who would do it this time!;)

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with Siena and all of you on her upcoming surgery. She is such an adorable little girl, as are all your girls and with such a loving, caring family I know she will do fine. Love you, Nan

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