Siena Goes to Florida

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family … Papa Bob & Grandma Susan volunteered to take Siena to her biannual appointment in Florida with Dr. Miller since it is our crazy busy season with our photography business this time of year. We, of course, felt very guilty for not being able to take her ourselves, but are certain Siena loved being the center of attention during her week vacation.
Plus it was great that Grandma & Papa finally got to meet the infamous Dr. Miller 😉 Siena was given a good report card for her growth and muscle tone. The little stinker wouldn’t talk for Dr. Miller, though, so she could not assess her delay in speech. She would like to see her adenoid/tonsil/tube surgery happen ASAP, so we moved up her ENT appointment to Monday. So it Looks like surgery might happen next month.

One perk to a trip to Dr Miller (besides getting to spend time with one of the most amazing PWS doctors and person ever) is that it is usually followed by lots of fun in the sun, trips to the pool and Disney… And this time Grandma & Papa took Siena to a Butterfly house on the campus at the University of Florida (where Dr Millers office is)… We are so glad she had a wonderful trip but miss her like crazy!!! Thank you Grandma & Papa for taking care of and loving our sweetie pie Siena so much! Xo



5 thoughts on “Siena Goes to Florida

  1. We will be taking our son Gabe to see Dr.Miller for the first time in January. We haven’t had great luck with doctors in SD.

  2. That picture was taken about 5 minutes after she spent about 15 minutes feeding the ducks, turtles and fish some spent bread and uneaten fortune cookies laughing the whole time. We had a great time spoiling her also so Mom and Dad get ready to deal with it.

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