Table for 2 Blog Post on FIG

About 6 months after learning Siena had Prader-Willi Syndrome, we photographed the wedding of Katie & Todd Foose. They were such a FUN couple… .We had an inkling that we wanted to befriend these newlyweds.:) .. Little did we know how powerful that friendship would become, little did we know how big their hearts were or how much they would love our girls. Saying that we have been touched by their support and advocacy for Siena is a total understatement. Katie & Todd write a blog called Table for 2, and after you read their latest post for Fig, you’ll understand why we look back on the day we met the Fooses and view it as one of the best days of our lives. Xoxo


1 thought on “Table for 2 Blog Post on FIG

  1. Thanks a MILLION Katie and Todd for all you have done for Siena and her family and for your friendship!

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