Happy #3 Sweetest Siena!

Look how far she has come!!  Siena was 5 months old in the baby pix and weighed 9 1/2 lbs, Baby Lucca is 5 months old now and is weighing in at a little over 16lbs! 167112_499738164050_5344092_n 180453_499737819050_1278132_n 45375_10151383964219051_1375208972_n


6 thoughts on “Happy #3 Sweetest Siena!

  1. Your daughter is gorgeous! My two week old was just diagnosed with PWS, and I’m totally clueless on what to expect we will be bringing him home soon, after they put in his feeding tube, if any parents have any advice or suggestions please contact me at my email kristachavira@yahoo.com

    • Hi Krista, I am so glad you found Siena’s little blog. The PWS community is amazing and there are so many families out there that would be happy to give you advice, support and encouragement. Please email me anytime and I can give you some great resources! Jamieschoenberger@gmail.com
      Most importantly, please know you are not alone and it will be ok… Our kids are so beautiful and loving. Be strong, you can do this! Xo

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