PWS Family Needs Help!

We have a fellow PWS mom that needs our help!  The family’s health insurance AND MA continues to deny GH for their daughter…. out of pocket it costs $400/month…. anyone have any advice?? THANKS! xoxo


1 thought on “PWS Family Needs Help!

  1. With the Supreme Court voting to keep the health care law intact I would tell them to contact CNN. They love this type of David vs Goliath story. Also tell them to find another insurer seeing they cannot be denied nor charged more than a, and I hate to say this, “normal” child under the health care act. Also I believe the FDA had approved HGH for PWS children so how can it be denied. Also start a negative blog about Aetna and inform the global PWS community about it and see what kind of pressure can be put on them via the internet.

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