We need your VOTE.

White House here we come! Click on the link below and click “Vote” for our “Take One SMALL Step” Video.

After you click vote:

1) You will need to register with your email address
2) You will receive an email confirmation message
3) In the email, you will need to click the link that says “Click here to confirm your account”

Help us win Michelle Obama’s Video Challenge and take Prader-Willi Syndrome awareness to the next level. As you know, Michelle Obama is promoting healthy eating and reducing childhood obesity. We have entered a PWS Awareness video. If we get the most votes, we will be able to speak at one of Michelle Obama’s events and let the world know that PWS is one of the most common genetic causes of obesity. Please vote daily to help us put PWS on the map!

We can do this.

Prader-Willi Syndrome is one of the most common genetic causes of obesity. People living with Prader-Willi Syndrome always feel hungry and lack energy. People with PWS don’t have a choice, they need to stay fit and eat healthy to survive. So, the PWS Community comes together and takes one small …

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