The Weigh-In, Wellness Check AND DR. MILLER!

In addition to turning two last week, Siena met with her Dietician and Pediatrician as well.  We were very happy to find out that Siena was up to 18 lbs!  She had lost weight in February from a stomach bug and was under 17 lbs… so this was very good news!  There was a slight discrepancy as to Siena’s height – at Dietician’s  she was 29 inches and at Pediatrician’s (two days later) she was 27 inches… guess that we will have to measure her at home and average it out. haha

All appointments went well.  Siena was given a prescription for Zantac in hopes to minimize her hiccuping (which is pretty much after every meal) and her belly bloating.  They are thinking she may have some silent reflux, so this should help.  As much as I don’t want to add anymore medicine, I will try it for 3-4 weeks to see if it makes a difference.

We were advised to switch Siena from whole milk to 2%…Andrea (dietician) said there isn’t much difference between whole and 2% (protein is the same – fat differs from 8 grams to 5 grams), but to start the change in case we need to start limiting fat and/or calories in the future.  As of right now, Siena is underweight based on her height to weight ratio (this being the 29 inches – 😉 ) ……

At her visit with Dr. Telford-Wren (Pediatrician), Siena and Daddy were given the Autism Screening which is standard at age 2.  She did not have to have any shots and left the appointment a very happy toddler.  We will check in with Dr. Telford-Wren after our visit with Dr. Miller….

YES!  you read correctly!  Siena has an appointment set up with THE ONE and ONLY Dr. Jennifer Miller in Florida on April 23rd.  We are thrilled and cannot wait to finally have Dr. Miller meet with Siena!!!

More big appointments in the coming weeks…. Sleep Study tomorrow night (cross your fingers for NO SLEEP APNEA!!), Blood Tests to determine growth hormone levels next week, and Endo appt at Dupont in April…..


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