Tomorrow, tomorrow…. you’re only a day away!!

Tomorrow is Siena’s PWS Walk!! 🙂

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Q.WHAT does Human Growth Hormone do for people with Prader-Willi syndrome?

A.Use of Human Growth Hormone is becoming standard care for those with PWS, when prescribed with appropriate precautions by an experienced endocrinologist. Human Growth Hormone can help with height, weight, body mass, strength, and agility, among other areas. It may also help with cognitive development. Reports have indicated dramatic increase in growth rate (especially in the first year of treatment) and a variety of other
effects, including improved body composition (higher muscle mass, lower fat mass); improved weight management; increased energy and physical activity; improved strength, agility and endurance; and improved respiratory function.

Myth: Families affected by PWS can get the help they need from professionals.

Truth: While quality care can be found, many families face an added burden of trying to obtain proper care for their loved one with PWS. Many medical, care provider, health and education professionals, as well as government agencies, do not know enough about PWS to provide safe and adequate care for those with the syndrome.

Q: How can I get more information about PWS?
A: Contact the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA) at 1-800-926-4797 or email A strong national organization of families and professionals, PWSA (USA) offers a toll-free helpline, a bimonthly member newsletter and numerous publications about PWS, a Web site (, an annual family conference and scientific meeting, and chapters throughout the country to provide local family support and advocacy.


1 thought on “Tomorrow, tomorrow…. you’re only a day away!!

  1. And it is going to be,
    a BEAUTIFUL day,
    in MANY ways,
    just wait and see,
    and just believe!

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