A Very Special Phone Call

This story starts back a few weeks ago, when my father calls me and asks if I would like to have Clint Hurdle, Pittsburgh Pirates Manager and National Spokesman for PWS, at Siena’s Walk.  A little weary about how he was going to manage to do this, I said, ” sure that would be awesome!” …. as it turns out there is someone my dad works with that knows Mr. Hurdle well, and so he gave him a ring, told him about Siena and our walk, and my dad was told to email him the info.  My parents put together an email and sent it off, and we were all so excited to receive an email directly from Mr. Hurdle saying he would be in touch.

Not knowing what that meant, we figured he was very busy and maybe we would get another email from him in the future or maybe we would just try to meet him at the PWS conference in November.  WELL, this morning my parents received a call, from none other than Clint Hurdle himself!   He spoke to my father about his daughter, Madison, who has PWS and said he would love to come to the walk, but because he just had surgery he wouldn’t be able to make it this time.  However, he would like to plan a time to meet with our family and will be sending some Pirates things for the raffle on Saturday!!!!!  AMAZING.  I am continually blown away by the PWS community – truly touching.  Thank you, Mr. Hurdle, for taking the time to make our day….our week…. our year!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Very Special Phone Call

  1. That is SO COOL! Too bad he couldn’t be there and hopefully the Phillies fans will be cordial with the Pirates paraphernalia.

  2. Don’t worry- there will be Pirates fans there too!!! And after something like this, even the Phillies fan have to have a warm spot in their hearts for the Pirates too 🙂

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