4 Days to Go!

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Q: Does the overeating associated with PWS begin at birth?
A: No. In fact, newborns with PWS often cannot get enough nourishment because low muscle tone impairs their sucking ability. Many require special feeding techniques or tube feeding for several months after birth, until muscle control improves. Sometime in the following years,
usually before school age, children with PWS develop an intense interest in food and can quickly gain excess weight if calories are not restricted.

Myth: Food and obesity are the only challenges to those with PWS.

Truth: Food and obesity are often among the biggest challenges for those with PWS, but PWS affects many other aspects of development and health, including cognition, behavior, respiratory function, metabolism, pain threshold, and more. Some of these issues are life-threatening on their own or can be signfincantly challenging for the person with PWS and those who care for him/her.


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