Get out the tissues! :)

I would like to share a message I received from my cousin, Janel, yesterday…. very touching… Eugene IV is her 9-year old son and quite a sweetheart!

Janel writes:

“I just wanted to share this with you because I thought it was very sweet and thoughtful. Eugene IV came home from school today and asked me what your last name was, I told him and asked why. He then replied that every morning at school they have announcements and say their morning prayer, then they read the names of people to pray for. He asked his math teacher ( she is the one who does the school announcements) to please mention Siena so they could pray for her. She asked for Siena’s last name and Eugene wasn’t sure, she also asked why he wanted prayers and he said, “Siena is his cousin who is 1 year old and has a disease that can not be cured. He told her he hopes that if the school prays for her they will find a cure”. I wrote her name down for him to take to school, I just wanted to share this with you because I thought it was very thoughtful of him and to let you know that all of Altoona Central Catholic will be thinking of and praying for her. I won’t lie, I had some tears in my eyes too. Aside from today he is always very concerned for her and asks a lot about Prader-Willi. Even though we are separated by distance, please know that our family is always thinking about you guys. I can only imagine the obstacles you face and as a mother, and I admire your strength to endure everything that you have. We are all looking forward to coming next weekend to support You, Siena, Andy, and Isla. Until then, take care.”

Thank you so much for sharing this and allowing me to share with others, Janel ! xo


3 thoughts on “Get out the tissues! :)

  1. Boy that one stopped me in my work tracks. Sound like a great family and a 9 year old who has a compassionate mind and a conscience.

  2. Well, I definitely cried. What a wonderful thing for Eugene IV to do! i agree with Bob that his compassion is noteworthy. Siena certainly has a lot of prayers coming her way!

  3. Eugene is such a great kid. You both should be very proud of him as we all are. Can’t wait to see everyone this weekend!

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