Busy Week!

After a much needed break from doctor appointments, we are back in the saddle again… Siena’s 18-month wellness check was on Monday and her Pediatrician was very happy with her progress.  Her stats:

26 1/2 inches & 16 lbs  – we were super psyched that she had finally reached 16, as it has felt like she has been in the 15 pound zone forever!!!

The doctor liked that Siena is communicating more by pointing and voicing her opinions 🙂 – she would like Siena to see a pediatric ophthalmologist sometime in the near future – not because she noticed anything wrong, but “just to cover all the bases”.  WE MUST BRUSH HER TEETH REGULARLY – especially since PWS is characterized by thicker saliva and thus cavities.  She also wanted an updated hip x-ray, which we had done today… no results of that yet.  We will have to go back to the office next week for her shots, we did not want Siena getting any flu symptoms this week with her sleep study coming up tomorrow night.  It was really sweet, before we left the office one of the nurses came in to see Siena… she said, “I haven’t seen her for so long, can I hold her?? I know we aren’t supposed to have favorites, but Siena is definitely one of mine.”  That made my day!

We saw the Dietician & Nurse Practitioner today in Hershey – they were generally very happy with Siena’s progress as well.  Her weight/length ration is excellent.  She had gained an average of 3 grams/day which is less than at the last visit in May, but they said that is fine, especially since she had a bit of a set back in June with her Adenoidectomy.  They said to continue with Siena’s current diet and they were happy to hear that she likes her fruits and veggies.  The nurse wants us to pay attention to any signs that could point to reflux, which could be hiccups… if she gets them during her meal, it could be reflux or a gastro issue.  We will return in January and bring any info we receive at the PWSA conference in November.  (Siena also won the heart of the nurse, she complained and kept pointing to her, and I finally said, “I think she wants you to hold her.”… sure enough the minute she took her from me, Siena was happy as a lark and just sat there smiling and staring at her… it is so weird how she is just drawn to certain people….)

Siena’s Estimated Needs as of now:

725 calories/day

9 grams of protein/day

3 cups of fluid/day

The hip x-ray went well – thank you mom for helping hold Siena in place! xo  And thank you to Grammy Fig for occupying big sister, Isla, while we were at all the appointments today.

Tomorrow is Speech Instruction and Sleep Study!  Keep your fingers crossed… NO SLEEP APNEA!  (or at least not severe!!!)

Night all! xoxo


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