Siena slept all night without the oxygen.  She ran a low-grade fever so they treated her with Tylenol and said it was common from the surgery.  She was VERY stuffy this morning so the nurse used some saline in her nose.  Dr. Barth (ENT) saw Siena around 7 this morning and said from his stand point she could go home.  Said to keep using saline and a humidifier for the next several days to help the stuffiness. The Pediatricians are in control of the discharge for Siena, so they have come in to evaluate her and say she looks great.  At this point we are just waiting for them to come in with post-care instructions.

Overall, Siena is doing great.  She ate a good breakfast – still having trouble drinking, but will take fluid from straw. She is such a strong little girl and the doctors and nurses have been lovin’ her up…:)

L-Carnitine test won’t be back for a week or two because it had to be sent out…

The little girl sharing a room with us came in on Sunday because she was staring into space, lethargic, couldn’t walk… they can’t figure out what was wrong with her but think she may have gotten into Grandma’s medicines… (blood tests won’t be back for several days) …. scary!  She is doing a lot better though and I think they are letting her go home today as well.

It is a real eye-opener being here.  Makes you count your blessings!! xoxo


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thinking of you and keeping you all in our prayers. Glad the surgery is over and went well. Give everyone a hug for me! Glad we have this site to keep up with things…..

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