Siena is doing really well !  It was a rough day for her coming out of anesthesia, but she is now off of oxygen and has eaten some applesauce, bread, cheese and some orange.  Not drinking great, but she is still getting IV.  She is much calmer then earlier in the day and is not giving the nurses as hard of a time now : )  Still trying to pull at all the cords attached to her, but actually being pretty good about it, all things considered.

The doctor said her adenoids were HUGE, so hopefully the removal of the tissue will help her sleep apnea and overall breathing.  Although, because of her PWS and low muscle tone this will most likely cure her apnea all together.  The adenoids were actually cauterized, so there was no cutting involved.  There will be swelling for several days, though.  Some more info on adenoids,

Thank you for keeping Siena in your thoughts and prayers!


3 thoughts on “Adenoidectomy

  1. Isla was worried about her little sister and we are all so happy she is doing better. Hugs and Kisses to her.

  2. Glad to hear everything went well. We have been thinking about her a lot . We send our hugs and kisses 🙂

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