>Walk and other Stuff.

>WE are very excited to announce that we will be hosting an On the Move Walk on October 9th of this year!  Not sure of location yet, but will post info as soon as we have it all figured out.  Much thanks to Kelli for helping us put this together.  : )

Other news …
Was a rough week for Siena, as she was getting a molar and feverish since Sunday.  Think she is finally feeling better… She pulled herself to her feet this morning!!!!!!!  She was also crawling all over the bed, while I was trying to sleep at 5am this morning… Exciting and scary all at the same time – haha! Time to lower the crib…and I guess the days of the Co-Sleeper are over – maybe I might actually start getting some sleep now.

Adenoidectomy is scheduled for June 13th – PreOp is June 2nd….. For anyone watching Siena, PLEASE only use Tylenol 2 weeks before surgery.

Still waiting to hear from Pediatrician about getting a prescription for Carnitine.   Getting a little anxious, as I am becoming more and more convinced that this would help Siena tremendously.  Plus I would LOVE to see if the “seizures” stop with the use of this supplement. 

We learned this week that Siena loves yams.  I think she is really getting sick of avocado, so this will be a nice change for her.  She is also a big fan of beets, just like her mommy. : )

A very BIG THANK YOU to THE MAZZONIS for their generous donation to PWSA.  Still teary-eyed over their kindness….


3 thoughts on “>Walk and other Stuff.

  1. >She pulled herself up on her feet, that is really great news. I thought her body mass was becoming much firmer, now we know why, she is getting stronger. Tell that Doctor to get the Carnitine and get it fast because I agree with you, it will help her immensely and the stronger she gets the better!

  2. >Pediatrician to do blood test to check carnitine levels before giving prescription. Will likely have this done next week.

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