>Dietician Appointment 5.12.11

>Feeding Clinic – Andrea Abbe

She was very happy with Siena’s weight gain and said it was a tad bit more than was expected from her…!!  Since her appointment on 3.8.11 she has gained almost 2lbs – about 13 grams/day!  (13 oz then, 14lb 14oz now) She said Siena is following her own curve and is proportionate. 

Good news – no more Pediasure!!!  8 oz. bottles of pure whole milk : ) – please no juice!

Andrea was very interested in hearing about our visit to Pittsburgh and we discussed Growth Hormone and Dr. Miller with her.  She seems to have experience with PWS, which is very comforting to me. 

As all the doctors have said, she concurred that we do not need to be worrying about restricting Siena’s diet as of now – the most important thing is that she thrive right now.  Building Muscle strength is the utmost importance. 

Andrea was very happy to hear that Siena will eat lots of healthy foods (beets, avocados, veggies, etc.).. she said this will definitely help us in the future. 

Our goal should be :
690 calories/day
2 proteins a day – eggs, beans, meat (one serving equals about 2/3 of a deck of cards) = 8 grams/day
8 oz of milk 3x day
fruit and/or veggie with every meal – VARIETY is good!
small amounts of snacks are ok for now – cheerios, cheese, graham crackers, frozen yogurt, bar

**FOCUS ON WHAT SHE CAN HAVE RATHER THAN ON WHAT SHE CANNOT HAVE  (this will really help us later in life with Siena)

Andrea will see us back in September – a week before the appointment, she would like me to email a 3-day log of Siena’s diet to her. 

** we asked for her to copy Dr. Gottlieb on her notes


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