>CPAP Mask Fitting 5.12.11

>Dr. Nino  was a little surprised that the ENT (Dr. Barth – whose office has not yet called to schedule surgery!) did not recommend taking out her tonsils as well… at the same time he said he “kind of agreed” with him… ?

So this appointment was really all about fitting Siena with a CPAP mask (hers is called “mini-me”) and teaching us how to help her adjust to it…”desensitize her”
**consistency will be our best friend**
Siena did very well for the first few minutes with the head gear and mask… the head gear looks like a soft “helmet” for lack of a better word…
we all cheered when he put it on her and then he put it on Isla and me and we did the same – to make it fun for her.  “good associations” is what he said to try to relate to her….
the mask does leave some marks on her nose, so we may need to use band aids for awhile to help from leaving a mark.

we will try to get her used to the contraption until the sleep study next week – even if it is just for 5-20 minutes at a time. The sleep study will then determine what air pressure she will need.

The order of events:
1. Desensitize her to mask
2. Sleep Study next Wed
3. CPAP delivered to hom
4. See Dr. Nino again in about 3-4 weeks
5. Surgery

Dr. Nino thinks he will most likely need to see Siena 3-4 times a year and she will need Sleep Studies every 12-18 months (depending on Growth Hormone).


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