>ENT Appointment

2ft 2.5inches

We took Siena to see Dr. Barth from Dupont at the Newtown Square office today.  He would like to remove the adenoids, but said it is not necessary to remove her tonsils – her tonsils are small.  He said by not removing her tonsils, recovery should be easier for her.  He said because she has PWS removing the adenoids will most likely NOT cure her Sleep Apnea.  But the goal is to improve her breathing and he believes this will help significantly.  He said the adenoids can grow back, but it is not very common that they do.  He said they are familiar with treating PWS patients.  She will have the surgery at the Dupont Hospital – usually this is an outpatient procedure, but Siena will need to stat overnight and hopefully come home the next day.  They will call tomorrow to schedule surgery and anesthesia appointments.  Surgery will probably be in a few weeks.

He would like her start the CPAP right away.  Dr. Nino will see her on Thursday after Feeding Clinic to fit her for the mask and teach us how to use.  Siena will then need to go in for another Sleep Study next week with the CPAP. 

Dr. Barth said a Developmental Pediatrician from Dupont may be a helpful resource and that they do see a number of PWS patients at the Hospital.

Overall is was a good trip and I feel very comfortable with Dr. Barth performing the surgery.  Thank you for note-taking Mom!! Thank you for lunch Katie!!


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